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Finding my direction on the University Abroad Program

06 Mar, 2018
Finding my direction on the University Abroad Program

Lisa Bachfischer, from Germany, spent last semester on the University Abroad Program at Kings New Jersey. She tells us why she chose the program and what she gained from her time at Rider University.

How long were you at Kings New Jersey/ Rider University and what courses were you taking?

I have been here for one semester, September – December 2017, taking these courses:

  • Biology: Life Science, Human Emphasis
  • Intro to Business of Sport
  • Fund Management and Organizational Behavior
  • Marketing Principles

How was your overall experience?
I liked my semester abroad. It was very different to what I am used to from home. I learned a lot new things, met awesome people and had a great time in America.

In what ways were the Kings New Jersey staff helpful?
I was meeting with a member of the Kings staff, Judy, once a week and she helped me to improve my English. I think this really helped me. We worked on presentation skills, writing skills and in general speaking English on a higher level. The Kings staff also helped me writing a resume and they taught me the APA-format, which was new for me. The Kings staff was available if I needed anything.

What English skills do you feel you improved the most?
I improved the most in my speaking skills. I am now very self-confident when I speak. I was able to participate in class discussions actively, state my opinion and just have daily conversations with all the people on and off campus.

What are your plans after studying at Rider?
My plan was to find out which course of study fits me and what I could study when I come home. Luckily I found out which direction is perfect for me. I want to study in the direction of medicine or health care management. To have a good English is always good during university time. That is why I am glad that I improved so much in it.

What made you choose the Kings New Jersey program with Rider University over another school?
I chose Rider University because the other two universities that were offered were much smaller than Rider and I wanted to go to a 'big' school. When I looked the university up, I really liked the location of the university and which courses of study they offer.

What were the highlights of your time at Rider University and Kings New Jersey?
My highlight has been to get to know amazing people and spend a whole semester with those people! Furthermore it is amazing that I found out what I want to study.

What do you like most about Lawrenceville and the Rider University campus?
In my opinion Lawrenceville consists out of the campus. The campus itself is nice and small. I liked that it was separated into the dormitories and class buildings. It is very cozy in a way.

Where did you stay, and what was that like?
I was staying in a dorm on campus. It was okay. I think it is different to live in a dorm in a room with someone after I had my own room back home a long time. What I liked is that you can always visit people and hang out with them.

Did you take part in any activities or excursions with Rider University or Kings?
Yes the New York trip with the CIE (Center for International Education) at the beginning of the semester. I really liked this trip. I got to know all the other people and we had a great time. I love New York. That is pretty amazing about the campus that you can go to NY so easy and fast.

Also a farm excursion, which I didn't like. I thought it would be apple picking, however it was going on a pumpkin field and nothing else. International night in the pub was great too, we talked a lot and I liked it.


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