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Finding love at Kings London

14 Feb, 2017
Finding love at Kings London

Javier Aquique from Venezuela studied with us in London in 2010. Little did he know, his time in the UK would lead to much more than English proficiency!

My name is Javier Aquique, I'm originally from Venezuela and I attended Kings London between April and August of 2010. 

I would like to share my story with the you, not just because I had a great time during my stay in Beckenham, but also, because a part of that student life yet remains with me even today, and I hope foreverafter (and not in a metaphorical way of speaking!)

During my stay, specifically the evening of the 30th of June, I met another student in The Goose. It was Friday and most of my mates had already left the school or stayed home, but I wanted to, at least, have a drink and small talk before turning in. So, as usual, I went to our favourite Pub 'The Goose' hoping to meet students from Kings and, of course, I wasn't disappointed, there was a massive gathering of Kazakh students. Therefore, I went for a pint of Fosters to the bar and engaged a conversation with them. To be honest I wasn't very thrilled with the whole chat, but then... then she entered the Pub. At first I thought, "wait... I know this girl from the school," but didn't know her name, definitely wasn't from my class.

She was apparently looking for someone, but he or she never showed up, so she, as I did before, grabbed a drink from the bar and sat with us on the table just making small talk. We ended up in another bar in the high street and later exchanged phone numbers and agreed to meet the next day for a night out in a club in Central London. She's very fond of dancing, so we went to the club and returned by bus around 03:00 am.

The next day we met again in Central London, but this time during the afternoon, and finally on the rail back to Beckenham we started a romance that lasted until she departed a couple of weeks later and went back to Poland. We made our separate ways back to our countrys of origin, ending a wonderful seasonal summer affair... at least that's what we thought anyway.

After just a few months I went to Paris to study French, but just for three months, so I decided to go visit her a few times in Poland. The same year she decided to come and visit me in Venezuela and stayed for about 10 days. And so we went on and off going back and forth seeing each other once or twice every year, until in 2014 I decided to go to Chile for work, because all of the worsening economical and safety situation in Venezuela. Soon after, she realised there was a very good chance for her to work as well in Chile so she decided to go there too.

So, I moved to Chile and after 6 months she moved in with me. That was in 2015 and on 22nd of December 2016 we got married!

We still live in Chile and whilst she's not as fond of Chile as I am, if we managed to stay together this long, I'm sure we can handle it!

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