Feeling festive at Kings New York

Students and staff at Kings New York have been taking part in all sorts of festive activities over the last few weeks, from Thanksgiving, up to the start of the Winter holiday season in the US.

Our Kings New York Student Experience Coordinator, Christie, played a big part in organising and leading the activities. Below, she tells us a bit more about what’s been happening.

Christmas Tree Decorating at Koepchen Hall

On the 4th of December, Kings students gathered at Koepchen Hall, one of our on-campus student residences, to decorate the Christmas tree! What began as a quiet activity for students eventually became cheerful with carols in the background and students humming to “All I want for Christmas” along with many other native Christmas carols. A very well decorated Christmas Tree started to take shape when a few students helped put it up, while the others started painting the clear ball ornaments, which made their way onto the Christmas Tree. Students savored the Christmas themed cookies as well as candy canes with some hot chocolate and marshmallows. Finally, the tree was lit with lights and all of the students came together for a picture.

Trip to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree

Few of our students were excited to have the opportunity to see the Rockefeller Christmas Tree up front and close on December 6th. Students revealed how they had always wanted to visit the Rockefeller Center Plaza during Christmas time and see for themselves, the cheerful crowd and the Christmassy display surrounding the 49th/50th streets of Manhattan. While on our way to the Plaza we were a little apprehensive about getting to the front and clicking pictures because of the massive crowd but it was a relief for us when we were able to finally make it to the front. Even on a chilly day everyone decided to stay back and enjoy as much time as they could just admiring the scenic beauty of that spot.

Thanksgiving Luncheon

One of the most awaited luncheons of the year took place on the 27th of November. Usually there seems to be a gap between Halloween and Christmas, but our students looked forward to this day because of a number of reasons. All students, teachers and staff members got together and had a fun-filled afternoon playing a wide variety of games. Everybody relished the traditional Thanksgiving meal including turkey, mashed potatoes, green beans, gravy, corn and apple pie along with some drinks while listening to the history of how thanksgiving came into existence which was narrated by one of our teachers. Students wrote thank you notes and spoke what they were thankful for with some very unique expressions.

The results for a photography competition themed “Autumn” were also declared on the same day and the results were as follows:

First place: Albaraa Amro

Second Place: Monica Prado

The event successfully ended with students, teachers and staff members singing to karaoke tracks. It was a day well spent for everyone.