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Feeling at home in New York on the Vacation Course

17 Oct, 2019
Feeling at home in New York on the Vacation Course

Naz Guven, from Turkey, took the Vacation Course at Kings New York for two months this summer.

Hi Naz. What can you tell us about your home country?

I am from Turkey — I think the Turkish people are very friendly and we have a lot of delicious food!

What made you decide to come to Kings, and choose the Vacation Course?

Because I checked the website and it look like a good quality. I also spoke with my agent, and she recommended Kings. I want to improve my English but also have time to see New York and explore.

What are your classes like and what do you enjoy the most?

We have lots of opportunities to speak and learn about other students’ cultures. You can learn, but also have fun in a relaxed environment.

Where are your classmates from?

Germany, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Italy, Saudi Arabia, Russia.

What did you find challenging during your experience living and studying in New York?

Not be able to understand all that was spoken around me, and difficulties communicating [at first]. After 2 – 3 weeks, I felt completely happy and at home.

Where are you staying?

I’m in the on-campus dormitory. It's a twin room, with lots of windows and sunlight and bright and a nice breeze. My roommates over time have been great. I really enjoy spending time outside the dorm together.

Can you tell us about an activity you have participated in after class?

The ice cream social. We went out for gelato at an ice cream shop down the road from our dorm. It was nice to meet other students and eat ice cream.

What is your best memory from your time at Kings New York?

The first time I went to Manhattan and saw Times Square. It was like a dream, seeing the NY streets like in the movies!

Any advice you would give to future students who are considering studying at Kings New York?

The location in a suburban area, outside of Manhattan, is good for students. It’s a safe and quiet residential area with nice shops and cafés.