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Feedback from parents: our views on Kings

01 Jul, 2019
Feedback from parents: our views on Kings

At Kings we take the trust that every student's parent places in us very seriously, not only to help their child achieve the best they can, but also to provide the care and support that ensures they are happy, healthy and fulfilled.

In addition to the regular reports, parents and guardians are invited to engage with the college throughout the year. This may include individual meetings to provide further information, support or guidance.

Parental feedback is always welcomed, it is important for us to understand their perspective on what we do and how the school is supporting their students and how they are progressing. It is always rewarding to hear the value that they feel we add for our students.

Below are recent examples of what some of our academic students' parents have said about Kings, and their thoughts on how their children have most befitted from their time with us.

Mrs B, parent of current A-level student:

"Kings has helped my son improve his attitude to learning in such an important way. We chose Kings for him because they offered small classes and an opportunity for him to study the three subjects of his choice at A-level. The best thing about the school is the friendly nurturing environment, consistent teaching staff, regular progress tests and the convenient location. I would recommend Kings to other parents because it is a realistic alternative to larger private schools which may not bring out the best in certain teenagers."

"The smaller international element allows the students to meet a variety of people from all over the world."

Mrs K, parent of current A-level and GCSE students:

"I checked out many schools when looking for the best option for my sons but found that only Kings provided the environment that we were looking for. When they joined the college, I was certain that I had made the best choice.
Kings has had a very positive influence on my sons' character and they are now more studious than before and I'm really satisfied with the service and support Kings provide.

Kings follow the students' academic progress closely, and whenever the boys need more time or support with their studies, the school has a plan and continues to closely monitor their progress. This includes monitored study within the school's boarding residence. My sons have regular counselling about their degree and university options and full support through the UCAS process. They also participate in and enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular and social activities.

There is a great relationship between staff and pupils at the school and they love the Principal."

"As a mother, I am very pleased with Kings, all the support provided and their quick replies to my requests and questions."

Mr B, parent of current A-level student:

"I cannot speak more highly of my son's experience on his academic studies at Kings.

"The transformation of his academic prospects over the last year has been remarkable."

The teaching and wider support he has received from both the academic and administrative staff have both been excellent. More than anything he has enjoyed his time in Bournemouth and can look forward to commencing his undergraduate studies at a top university later this year."