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Feedback from the father of a current A-level student in Brighton

16 Apr, 2021
Feedback from the father of a current A-level student in Brighton

Kings Brighton were proud to recently receive some very positive feedback from the parent of one of our current A-level students. His son has been at Kings Brighton for 3 years, initially completing his GCSEs before progressing on to A-levels.

What made you choose Kings as the destination for your son?

I was looking for a school with a more progressive, less traditional and more flexible philosophy regarding education. He had previously attended a number of the more traditional schools but had found it difficult to learn within the system they provided. The small class sizes and modern facilities enjoyed by Kings along with a clearly more modern approach to education were the keys reasons for choosing Kings. The fact that the school is located in a major town centre with great transport links was also important.

Can you talk a little about the support you think your son has received in his time at Kings and how that has impacted his studies?

Firstly, I've got to say that the headmaster, Nigel Addison has been simply fantastic. Nigel has always been there to guide my son's education at every juncture; unlike so many headmasters Nigel inevitably sees the larger picture and takes actions accordingly. This measured and intelligent approach, which is so very different to what I have encountered elsewhere, has led time and time again to positive outcomes for both my son and the school. The teachers at Kings have also been great. The small class sizes have no doubt helped a lot, but the personal commitment offered by his teachers has been second to none.

Kings is not a “traditional” boarding school (ie doesn’t have extensive sports fields and vast libraries). Do you think this has had any negative impact on your son's studies?

For my son, this has not been a problem. He has always liked doing his "own thing" in as far as sports and recreation are concerned. In his previous schools he was obliged to partake in traditional sporting and other activities. However he didn't enjoy these and the traditional systems used by these schools simply forced the issue. At Kings he has been very happy to study, socialise and then go home and do his own thing. This may not be perfect for every student, but for us, it could not have been better.

Could you comment on any extra-curricular activities that your son takes part in at the school?

My son is very social and is currently the student president. He enjoys going out for food in some of the many restaurants nearby with his colleagues. He also likes going on walks in Brighton.

Would you recommend Kings Brighton to another parent and why?

Absolutely — Kings is an amazing school run by an amazing headmaster, with great teachers and nice, albeit small, facilities. It has a large international contingent of students — something that my son really appreciated. The school feels more like a university than a traditional school and my son has always told me that he feels more like he is treated as an equal by his teachers rather than as a child. I don't know if this solution works for every child. But I feel that for a great many children Kings does offer a real alternative solution to the traditional education model.