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Exploring the new Kings location at University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley

07 Feb, 2018
Exploring the new Kings location at University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley

Martha Turner, Progression Manager at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount), recently visited the University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley, the newest Kings On Campus Plus location. Here is what she discovered.

I recently had the opportunity to visit our Kings students at University of Wisconsin–Fox Valley and was very impressed with the university's commitment to successfully transfer students to the highly ranked University of Wisconsin–Madison.

During their first two years at UW–Fox Valley, students are supported and prepared for transfer through the Guaranteed Transfer Program. Classes are small and I found that the majority of classes are taught by professors, not graduate assistants. Students are able to have personal contact with professors and experience a learning environment that is supportive of their learning skills.

UW–Fox Valley offers an extensive amount of transfer classes, that range from Chemistry for Engineers, Economic and Business Statistics, to Italian Renaissance Art, and Water Based Media. I visited the Learning Resource Center where students receive free peer tutoring, access to testing for college transfer, college catalogs, career exploration, and employment.

In addition to the Learning Center's resources, students also have access to The Writing Pad which provides one-to-one writing support, The Business and Economics Lab which specializes in helping students in accounting, economics and business/economics statistics, and The Math Lab which offers one-to-one math support to students.

Students at UW–Fox Valley have the opportunity to build their student profile by participating in many campus activities. Organizations and clubs for students vary from athletics to college ambassadors, intramural sports, ballroom dance, biology, business, chemistry, dance team, drama, gaming, computer club, and many more!

UW–Fox Valley's small community is safe and friendly, so students can enjoy the US experience by connecting with American students, as they work toward successfully reaching their academic goals.

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