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Exploring Europe and improving my English

09 Feb, 2016
Exploring Europe and improving my English

English Plus Business student Lin Chien-Fu (Jeff) shares the highlights of his six-month stay at Kings London.

Hi Jeff. Where are you from and what course are you doing at Kings?
I’m from Taiwan and I’m doing the English Plus Business course at the moment.

Is this the first time you’ve spent time in Europe?
Yes, it’s the first time was I was very excited. I’ve been to Paris, Budapest and Italy whilst I’ve been here.

Why did you decide to come and do English Plus Business?
I chose it because I graduated from university and worked for one year before I quit my job. I wanted to know more about business.

I was working as an engineer. I hope when I go back I can find a job where I use more English.

It’s been useful. We’ve focused on business terminology and we have a lot of simulation of meetings, for example, and visits to museums and business institutes. We’ve been to Greenwich and the British and London Museums.

Did you know that you wanted to come to London, or were you considering other places?
I chose the UK because I have many friends who are studying their master’s degree here. Another reason is that it is an English-speaking country so I can live here and see other places in Europe easily too.

Has it been what you expected? What have you enjoyed most?
Yes. At first I was in general English and then I moved to a FCE class – that was more suitable I think because it was more serious and I could learn more. It was more similar to how we learn in Taiwan as we do a lot of practice. The teaching in general English was quite different – I enjoyed it but we spoke a lot more. I think if you want to improve your basic ability FCE is a good choice. I passed the exam.

Is this the first time you’ve studied in an international environment?
Yes it’s been really interesting and I’ve made lots of friends from around the world.

Have you stayed with a host family here?
Yes, my host mother is very good. At first I was worried about whether I’d like the food, but it was fine!

I imagine you’ve explored London. What have been the highlights?
It’s hard to say! I’ve been to Covent Garden a lot and around Oxford Street and Piccadilly Circus too. 

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