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Experiencing the world of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

03 Dec, 2021
Experiencing the world of Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Kings Brighton student Taisiia Nekrasova reports back on a recent trip to see all things Harry Potter at the Warner Bros. studios in London!

Probably, there is nothing more like Christmas than watching Harry Potter in the evening with a cup of hot tea... wait, I think it could be one thing. A trip to the Warner Bros. Studios, when everything is covered with snow.

We took our coach to one of the most magical places in the UK. Miracles began from the very beginning ... In a huge hall under the ceiling we saw a beautiful dragon that will remain in our memory for a long time.

After a little briefing, we went to the Great Hall ... There were already trees, dishes for a festive dinner and warm fireplaces. We visited the Forbidden Forest, saw the Night Knight bus, entered the famous Gringotts Bank and saw goblins and even a fire-breathing dragon.

The whole studio is filled with props from the set. You can see the costumes of most of the characters: from Harry Potter to Tom Marvolo Riddle. There are many interactive exhibits, such as a flying broom, opening chests and even the Hippogriff.

The final point of our excursion was the model of Hogwarts, under the snow it looks really amazing. While we were waiting for all the guys, we drank milkshakes and tasted magical sweets at a local cafe.

After such a tour, we redefined our view of Quidditch and learned in the smallest detail how the Harry Potter movie universe was created.