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Experiencing life in New York and at a US university through the University Abroad Program

28 Feb, 2017
Experiencing life in New York and at a US university through the University Abroad Program

Andreas Reineck from Belgium is currently spending a semester at Kings New York, as part of the Kings University Abroad Program. Here he tells us about his experience so far.

What are you enjoying most about studying at Kings New York so far, and how have you found studying alongside American students?

First, I’m enjoying the proximity to NYC. Everything is close, food and everything. The campus, all your friends are next door. It’s a great area to study, and is a good study environment. It’s a great experience to study alongside American students. It’s a little bit complicated because it is a really different learning style and our mentalities are different.

Why did you decide to take the University Abroad Program [Semester Abroad]?

Mainly for English, to improve my written and spoken English. Also to discover a new culture.

Can you give us an idea of your daily/weekly schedule?

I wake up, have breakfast, and have class most of the day. From 9.30-2.00. I have lunch, go to the gym, workout, do my homework, rest, and have dinner with friends.

Had you been to New York or the US before you started on the Semester Abroad program? What do you like most about the city?

It was my first time in this country. When I get off the train at Grand Central, I have a feeling of being very powerful. You feel like New York is full of opportunities. The big buildings make you feel that there are a lot of business opportunities and that anything is possible. There is so much to do, it is beautiful, and you are never bored.

Are you staying on campus? What are the best features of the residence?

Yes I am. I like living on the same floor as my friends. It’s not too big, so it is easy to walk and see my friends.

How do you find the levels of support from Kings on campus? What has been most useful so far?

There is great support and everyone is really attentive. The most helpful is for helping me with university, related to finding a new college. I can always rely on Kings for any issues I have apart from finding colleges.

How long do you plan on staying at Kings NY, and what are you plans for when you go back to Belgium?

I’m staying this semester so I go back home after May. Future plans are to go to the Geneva business school and study entrepreneurship and to develop my own company.

What advice would you give to other students considering taking the Kings Semester Abroad Program?

If you’re not from America, prepare yourself for culture shock, be openminded to everything and be yourself because everything will be ok. If you don’t come from a big city, NY will really impress you. You will get lost, but when you know how everything works, you will get used to it!