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Experiencing Boston and studying Intensive English | 在波士頓學習英語課程的生活日常

16 Jul, 2019
Experiencing Boston and studying Intensive English | 在波士頓學習英語課程的生活日常

Yu Hsiang Lin (James) from Taiwan has been studying English on the Intensive Course at Kings Boston, in preparation for a Master’s degree in the US, and tells us about his highlights.

Hi James, where are you from?

I am from Taichung, Taiwan.

What course did you take here at Kings Boston, and who were your teachers?

I took the Intensive English. I had Nick, Barry, Douglas and Bernadette. I was with Barry a long time. He teaches a lot of TOEFL skill with a lot of writing. My writing skill improved a lot. I had Nick in Level 5. Nick was also good. He can teach in a very detailed way but also simple and easy to let me know how to do it. He can explain very well.

Why did you choose Kings? 

Because Kings has a test every week and every 6 weeks a level test. I think this is the reason I chose Kings.

Does what you do in class relate to the test?

Yes, they prepare.

And why did you choose to come to Boston?

Because after Boston, when I graduate from Kings, I will go to New York to study for my master's degree. So I want to feel two different cities, different atmosphere. So I choose Boston.

What did you know about Boston before you came?

I just know about Celtics and Red Sox.

Now that you have been here a few months, what do you think of the city?

The city is very comfortable and very relaxed.

What is your on-campus accommodation like?

The dorms are good. I don't have a roommate but my neighbors are very good. I have made a lot of friends.

Do you have any friends that are not Taiwanese?

Yes, everywhere. Panama, Brazil, France and Korea and Japan.

That's a good spread. Have you learned any other languages?

[Laughs] Oh, yes. I have learned a bit of Spanish, French, Korean.

What have you done in Boston outside of class?

I went to TD Garden to watch the basketball game and Fenway Park to watch the baseball. And I went to Quincy Market. I think it's a good experience.

Have you been on trips outside of Boston?

Yes, I just came back from New York.

What did you think?

Too crowded. Crazy city!

What are you going to study when you go to New York for your master’s?

My major is Supply Chain Management.

What advice would you give to someone coming to Kings?

I would suggest that they live in the dorm because they can make more friends and practice English more and have better relationships with classmates.

來自台灣的林裕翔(James) 在Kings波士頓校區就讀密集英語和托福準備課程,為申請美國研究所做準備,他與我們分享就學期間的趣事。

嗨James! 請問你來自哪個國家?



我就讀密集英語和托福準備課程,課程期間的老師有Nick, Barry, Douglas和Bernadette。其中Barry擔任我的老師有蠻長一段時間,他教導托福考試技巧,我的寫作能力有顯著的進步。Nick是我第五級的老師,他也很棒,他教學非常仔細也非常用心,用潛顯易懂的方式讓我們明白,解釋也很清楚。


















TD Garden觀看籃球賽,芬威球場觀看棒球賽,昆西市場品嚐巧達濃湯,這些都是很棒的生活體驗。







給考慮到 Kings 就讀的學生,你的建議是什麼?


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