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Experiencing a new country and a new way of life

29 Apr, 2021
Experiencing a new country and a new way of life

Misael Aguirre is a member of an indigenous group of people from Panama — the Ngöbe. He described his journey to Kings.

"My first long distance journey was to the United States. Preparing myself for the trip was sometimes very frustrating. There were so many documents that we had to complete in order to get into the country without any problems.

First was my passport, which I had no problem getting. Second was the visa, which I think was the hardest document to complete since getting a visa to travel to the United States is very hard.

Luckily, we travelled in a group to the United States embassy in Panama, so we didn’t have any issues getting our visas. Last was the trip to get to the airport.

We had to begin our journey the night before the trip to the United States so that we could be onboard when the airplane took off.

Finally, we got to the United States without any problem and now I am enjoying my trip in this country. “