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Enjoying the creative freedom of the English Plus Art and Design course in London

10 Mar, 2020
Enjoying the creative freedom of the English Plus Art and Design course in London

Margaux Muller, from Switzerland, took the English Plus Art and Design course at Kings London for 3 months. She wanted to refresh her English after leaving high school, and also refine her drawing skills before she applies for art school. She bonded with her host family and enjoyed exploring new parts of her favourite city, London!

Can you tell us your name, your age and where you’re from?

My name is Margaux, I’m 18, and I’m from Switzerland.

What course have you taken and what were your lessons like?

I’ve been taking English lessons in the morning and I had art and design lessons 3 times per week in the afternoons.

I found my lessons really interesting because in my English lessons we talked a lot which was really nice for me because I wanted to improve my speaking, and we talked about a lot of different topics so it wasn’t boring. We also revised grammar, but it wasn’t too intense which I liked.

My art and design classes were really free and I could do whatever I wanted. It was really nice because I could try different techniques and find out by myself, but at the same time if I was lost or needed help, my teacher would help me. It was a nice balance.

Did you create any interesting pieces of art?

Yeah I tried painting, watercolours, and even clay and collage. I mostly wanted to improve my skills in drawing so I tried to stay on that and focus on that topic a lot.

Why did you decide to take this course?

I wanted to improve my speaking mostly, and also to catch up on the grammar that I lost after high school. Also, I wanted to take the art and design class because I would like to attend art school in future.

What made you choose Kings London?

It was the only school that offered this type of art and design course.

Where have you been staying?

I stayed with a host family in Sydenham. It was really, really nice. At first, it was a bit weird because you have to get to know them, but I get along with them really well. My host sister is 10 years old and she has already asked me if I could come back — she’s very sweet! We do a lot of activities together during the weekend, so it’s really nice because I’m part of their daily life.

What kind of things have you done at the weekend?

Last week, I went to horse-riding with my host sister, and we’ve all had lunch together several times. We went for hot chocolates, we went to Bromley once… It was cool.

Have you taken part in activities or excursions?

Yes I went to Stonehenge, and I went to Bath, and to Oxford and Windsor too. It was really nice, but sometimes it’s a bit disorganised. I went to the Kings Taste of Christmas event which was nice because it brings us all together. With the foundation and academic students we don’t really know them so well because they have a different schedule. The decorations and music and food were nice - the same as the halloween part which I really enjoyed.

Did you discover many places to shop, eat and drink in London?

So many! It’s really difficult to say… I think my favourite neighbourhood is Camden because there is a whole mix of cultures there. I like to eat international food and I could try a lot of things there. I don’t have a specific place because there are so many nice places! I also liked Carnaby.

Would you recommend London as a destination for other students?

Definitely! It’s my favourite city ever, and it has been for a long time, but now I’m even more into it because I discovered new things. Every time I come I discover new things - I never tire of it. For students, there is a really good night life and a lot of students that come from different countries. It’s a nice mix.

It’s the first time I went abroad without my parents for such a long time, so I had to really live on my own and learn to survive! I faced difficulties a couple of times, but I went through them. Also with money, you have to learn not to spend too much. I met so many nice people that I will never forget, and I have really enjoyed going to school as well!