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Enjoying skiing and snowboarding in Wisconsin

22 Mar, 2019
Enjoying skiing and snowboarding in Wisconsin

As we are slowly saying farewell to winter and welcoming spring, Kings at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh — Fox Cities took a skiing and snowboarding Trip to Nordic Mountain, 48 miles southwest of UWO–Fox Cities. It took us about an hour to get there with twenty-three students and three chaperons.

Among the twenty-three, we had eighteen Pathway students from Fox Village residence and five UPP students from Tech Village signed up. The students' skiing/ snowboarding skills were at various levels. Some were beginners while others had done it before.

Students met up with staff members Sarah, Kayla and Tirtha in the morning and the group all rode the bus together to Nordic Mountain. It was a perfect day for skiing because the temperate was around 30°F/ -1°C, and everyone was excited to snowboard and ski.

We arrived at the venue around 11.45am. We checked-in, got our equipment and headed to the practice hill. It was Hawaiian themed, so you could see people wearing flower garlands and Hawaiian shorts (only in Wisconsin can you see people wearing only shorts in Winter!).

There were activities like penguin sledding and pond skimming. Everyone was teaching each other how to ski or snowboard. Some of the students were frustrated because they were having difficulty putting their skis on, or they did not know how to stop, but they slowly learned and were happy with their improvement.

Some of the students went on the actual hills and skied or snowboarded down. Victor, from Panama, was snowboarding for the first time, so he was getting snowboarding lessons from Hyunho, from Korea. He went up the ski hill — and mistakenly went on the double black diamond hill that is meant for expert skiers and snowboarders. He was glad that he was able to make it down the hill without falling! Sugu, from India, went to the green hill multiple times and was able to come down safely, but he did not do his best when he went on the blue hill and took a fall. Bingrui, from China, even tried pond skimming — why not, it’s the experience that counts. He did not make it through the pond without falling but he was glad he tried it even though he was drenched!

We stayed at the venue until 5.00pm. It was a fun and relaxing day for some — or stressful, for others! — but everyone was glad they decided to go skiing and snowboarding and would love to do it again next year.