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Enjoying my time at Kings New York

01 Nov, 2019
Enjoying my time at Kings New York

Kings New York student Ahmet Said Ozdemir, from Turkey, shares a little about his experience as an English student in New York.

Hi Ahmet! What made you decide to come to Kings New York?

I heard that Kings has a good reputation, and I wanted to really improve my English. I was also interested in the school campus.

In your class, what do you enjoy the most? How would you describe your classes?

I enjoy speaking with students from other countries — my classmates are from Japan, Brazil and Italy. The class is laid back but serious at the same time.

What did you find challenging during your experience living and studying in New York?

The food was different. I need to get used to it. Bronxville is a little far from Manhattan but it is very clean and safe with many trees and beautiful houses near campus.

Where are you staying, on campus?

I am staying in Koepchen Hall now. In the beginning I stayed in Sieker, but I like Koepchen more. It feels like a home.

What have been your favorite school activities or excursions?

I enjoyed the trip to the Top of the Rock and the FIT museum.

Concordia had a BBQ party, it was a lot of fun. It was on Sunday for dinner. Food was good and I met new people.

Any advice you would give to future students who are considering studying at Kings New York?

If you choose Kings, you won’t feel sad. You will fit in with other students. Enjoy and be happy.