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Enjoying Major League Baseball and a tailgate party

14 May, 2019
Enjoying Major League Baseball and a tailgate party

A classic American tradition is the 'tailgate party', when people socialize in the parking lots of sporting stadiums before (and occasionally after) games and concerts, grilling food and having drinks. People attending these social events are said to be 'tailgating'.

American football often has the biggest tailgate parties, and Wisconsin's own Green Bay Packers football team is known for having the best gatherings. Tundra Tailgate Zone at Lambeau Field is an area next to the Green Bay Packers' stadium that plays live music, serves food and beer, and features giant monitors showing the game so that tailgaters don't even need a ticket to go inside to watch the football game.

American football doesn't have the only major tailgating party in Wisconsin. Fans of the Major League Baseball team the Milwaukee Brewers also tailgate before baseball games. 'Brats, burgers and beer' are an essential part of the Midwest tailgating experience — brat, short for Bratwurst, is a type of German sausage/ hot dog that is common at every barbecue.

On 20th April, both Kings and UWO–Fox Cities students tailgated before a match between the Milwaukee Brewers and Los Angeles Dodgers. It was a beautiful spring day, and Kings international students Kentaro, Kosei and Sota, from Japan, currently studying on the GO: Prepared program, experienced their first MLB game in the US.

Students and staff helped setup the BBQ and food station with the backdrop of Miller Park stadium, and charter buses lined up in the parking lot. With music playing from other tailgating parties, everyone enjoyed eating and playing cornhole (bean bag toss) before entering the stadium.

In a series of four Milwaukee Brewers vs. LA Dodgers games, Kings students were able to watch Game 3, where the home team the Brewers, defeated LA Dodgers 5–0 with three homeruns.

It was a great day for Kings students studying at UWO–Fox Cities to experience an American tradition of tailgating and celebrating a win for our local MLB team.