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Enjoying London while improving my English skills

29 Jul, 2019
Enjoying London while improving my English skills

Tsai-Chen Chen (Dora) from Taiwan is studying English Plus Art and Design at Kings London for 12 weeks, and tells us what she has discovered about London so far.

Hi Tsai-Chen. How long have you been at Kings London, and what course are you doing?

I'm doing General English, and Art and Design in the afternoons. It's been five weeks, and I have seven weeks left.

And how are you finding your lessons?

I think is helpful but I am still adjusting, the way to listen in lesson for English. We practise a lot of speaking. I found that some classmates speak vocabulary which I didn't understand so it was a little difficult for me. I thought I maybe go to Level 4 or 5, but I am in Level 6.

And what about the afternoon Art and Design lessons, what do you do in them?

I do printing and watercolour. I'm not good at art, just for interest. It's a relaxing class.

What do you do for a job in Taiwan?

I'm a freelance translator. I translate Korean subtitles into Chinese. I love my job because I don't really work for a long time, it means I only work for 6 hours maximum!

So you don’t use English in your work?

I have English script to make me understand, but I don't use them. I just listen to Korean.

So why is it so important to learn English?

It's for me. I want to improve my speaking and listening skills. I think English is a very important skill in Taiwan. If you can communicate with English, many company will hire you.

What pointed you to Kings London?

I read a blog about the courses here and the blogger said all the teachers are very kind and they love to teach students and to help them achieve. And also they have Art and Design course.

Do you go to central London very often?

Last month I often went to London. Several times a week. I go shopping and to the British Museum, Covent Garden. I like shopping in Covent Garden. Oxford Street has too many tourists! And I believe some burglars in there… you have to be careful of your bag.

Where are you staying?

I live in residence, the Kings apartments. I only have two roommates. One is from Brazil, the other from Turkey, but she went back to her country last week.

You have to speak to them in English. I don't have many chance to talk with them as I always went to London with my Taiwanese friend, as she come here for just one month and she want to go to every place in London. It's good idea to go around with someone of a different nationality sometimes, and then you have to speak in English.

Have you discovered any interesting places where you would shop, eat or go to, that you would recommend?

Yes, I like Victoria and Albert Museum. I have been there three times. I spend about two hours, to have a cream tea. I like Notting Hill, it’s nice there, and Portobello Road.

Is this your first visit to the UK?

No, it's my third. Last time was on a tour. I came here with travel agency, five days in UK and five days in France.

What things do you like about the UK?

Here it is very convenient to take a train or bus and travel in London. Most of the people in London is friendly. But many homeless people, is more than I think.

Would you recommend London as a destination for other students?

Yes, because the students of my age, in their 20's, I think they like shopping and visit places in London, and public transport is very convenient. And students have many fun in London.

And would you recommend Kings London?

Yes, I'd say to people come here. A friend of mine wanted to come here, I recommended her.