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Enjoying a Christmas party hosted by the Kings Brighton Student Council

18 Dec, 2018
Enjoying a Christmas party hosted by the Kings Brighton Student Council

On Thursday 13th December, Kings Brighton students enjoyed a fun-filled Christmas Party organised by the Student Council. Enrichment, Sports and Social Coordinator John Murphy reports on the highlights.

Kings Brighton Student Council finished the year by hosting the Christmas Party to end all Christmas parties.

Student Council President Sadie worked tirelessly with the rest of the Student Council/ helpers/ elves — or, as we called them, Sadie's Little Helpers — making sure everything was prepared and everyone had fun on the night. Kevin, Vice President of the Student Council, was MC for the night. He loved every moment of it and proved to be the life of the party. Tekena was on photo duty and, assisted by her right hand Ebi, worked tirelessly taking pictures of everyone having fun.

On arrival at the party, students were treated to a variety of hot food and savoury treats. There was to be a 'Secret Santa' gift exchange, so Kevin asked any student who brought a present to put them in to the Secret Santa bag.

The night started off with a rendition of 'White Christmas' by Andrew and Aqwika, a lovely tribute that put everyone in the festive spirit. Students danced and sang until it was time for the first game which was the Santa Limbo. Students stuffed a pillow up their jumpers and limboed like they had never limboed before! There were a few near falls and plenty of laughs.

Christmas parties activities: karaoke; group hug; reading out confessions.

More games followed, including a marshmallow eating competition, students attempting to pass balloons to each other, and Soda Pong — where in the end everyone was a winner as they got to drink some Coca Cola (luckily no one was injured during the sugar rush!) If I had to pick a winner, it would have to be Avel, because he not only succeeded in getting the ball into the cups, he cleaned up all the spilled soda — the sign of a true champion!

Next it was the Confession Box, where students were asked to write down anything they have ever wanted to say and put the papers in the box. Disha read out the anonymous confessions to the delight of the curious Christmas party goers.

As it is the season for giving, it was then time for Kevin to get the students to choose their Secret Santa gift. They were pleasantly surprised and full of Christmas cheer as they received their presents. Students were also introduced to traditional Christmas crackers, and were pleasantly surprised or shocked when the cracker popped — though some will never trust a cracker again! The night continued with more music, dancing and singing.

The Student Council can be very proud of hosting a festive, fun party to be remembered by all!