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English Plus Film in Hollywood: Patricia, Larissa and Yuya

26 Jul, 2018
English Plus Film in Hollywood: Patricia, Larissa and Yuya

We recently met English Plus Film students at Kings Los Angeles — Patricia from Switzerland, Larissa from Brazil, and Yuya from Japan — to talk about their love of movies, both watching and making them!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

Patricia: I'm from Switzerland. During my free time I often go skiing, biking or hiking. But I really like to visit concerts.

Larissa: I'm Brazilian, from Rio de Janeiro. In my free time I like to meet my friends, watch plays and go to the beach.

Yuya: I'm from Nagoya, Japan. My hobbies are collecting sneakers and going to Melrose. Melrose has a lot of rare sneakers and clothes and it’s cheaper than Japan stores. I go to Melrose one time a week.

What are your favorite movie genres and why?

Patricia: My favourite genre is the combination of action and comedy. In my opinion a movie needs to be interesting from the beginning to the end and some jokes are always good.

Larissa: Drama and romance are my favorite genres because usually I connect more with the stories, but I also like to watch comedy movies when I’m stressed so it makes me laugh and relax.

Yuya: My favorite genre is action because I like battle scenes of Hollywood actors! And Hollywood action movies uses so much explosives so it has force and memorable!!!

Who are your favorite actors/ actresses, and which movies?

Patricia: Michael Weatherly and Tom Beck are my favourite actors. Tom Beck is an actor from Germany and plays one of the main character in TV series like 'Alarm für Cobra 11' and 'Einstein'. Michael Weatherly is famous for his role as the special agent Anthony DiNozzo in the NCIS Team and the TV series Bull. I like them because of their humour.

My favourite movie is Knight and Day with Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise as main characters. I like the movie because there are a lot of funny scenes and it never gets boring.

Larissa: My favorite actress is Anne Hathaway and her movies are all amazing because when she acts she makes the audience feel connected to her character and that makes the movie even better. I think that my favorite movie of her is The Intern currently.

Yuya: My favorite actor is Ben Affleck because I like Batman and I got his autograph!! When I went to the red carpet, he was really kind. He starts to follow A-T Children’s Project, so I like him!

What is part of movie making process are you interested in and why?

Patricia: I'm interested in cinematography and editing. Maybe after the university in Switzerland I would like to find a job in one of these sections. Now I'm on the way to collect some experience.

Larissa: For sure acting is my favorite part, I was always interested in theatre so act since I was younger in my country, it is my favorite thing, I love doing it.

Yuya: Editing! Editing can change everything. It makes happy, sad or funny…

What are some difficult aspects about production and making movies? Why?

Patricia: Once I had to film a tracking shot for a movie. That means that I filmed the person while she was walking. I had to move backwards with the camera because we wanted to see the face in the frame. During this I had to look that the camera doesn't shake. It was so difficult. We had to repeat it several times because of the shaking.

Larissa: Probably the most difficult part about making movies is writing scripts for me because my creativity always fail when I try to make a new story, nothing comes into my head.

Yuya: Acting. It's too difficult for me because acting in front of friends or people is little bit embarrassing. And when I make a mistake, we have to shoot again, again and again.