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English for a career in architecture

07 Apr, 2016
English for a career in architecture

We recently met up with Engllish language student Yagmur Acar, from Turkey, to find out about her time at Kings, and her motivations for learning English.

Hi Yagmur. Wht course are you doing with us here at Kings?
I'm doing the Intensive English course.

Are you doing any classes (special interest groups) in the afternoon?
First I started with a speaking class and then I moved to discussion class and after that I started academic reading and writing. Now I’m doing IELTS preparation as I’m taking the exam soon. I’ll be here for 6 months in total.

How have you found the preparation?
It’s been really useful because we cover everything – listening, reading, writing and speaking. It’s really good for exam. We also learnt about the format of the exam.

What was your main reason for wanting to come here to Kings?
It’s really just to improve my English because in Turkey we learn lots of grammar but we don’t have much opportunity to practise our speaking. I feel more comfortable speaking now. I can chat with people easily.

What was your degree in Turkey in?
I studied architecture.

So you’ll work as an architect in Turkey when you go home?
Yes. Actually I also wanted to improve my English because in Turkey they work with other international architecture companies, and you always need to speak English.

Do you have an area of architecture you’d like to specialise in?
I’m not sure, but I’m thinking about sustainable architecture. It’s not common in Turkey now so maybe I’ll come back to London to do a master’s degree.

How did you come to choose Kings?
One of my father’s friends saw the list of schools my agency sent me and suggested I choose Kings because he studied at university in Oxford and really liked it here.

Are you happy here?
Yes, I am!

Where are you staying here?
I’m at Wavy Gate residence. I’m not used to living with my parents, so it would be hard for me to live with a host family.

Have you found the teaching style different to what you are used to in Turkey?
Yes, it’s really different — in Turkey we focus a lot on grammar but here I feel comfortable because my grammar is fine and I can practise my speaking. I think all the teachers are friendly — when you ask something they are always very helpful.

Have you enjoyed being in an international environment here?
Yes, actually it’s good for my career because I have heard lots of different accents. It will be good for me because every nationality has a slightly different accent when they speak English.

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