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End of year Goodbye Party at UW–Fox Valley

10 Jun, 2019
End of year Goodbye Party at UW–Fox Valley

Goodbye is a complicated word with different interpretations. It could be farewell to someone who we will never see again, or it could be 'until we see each other again'. Goodbye doesn’t always have to be sad.

Kings at UW–Fox Valley's goodbye party on May 10th had the second meaning. It was a time for everyone to come together and wish each other good luck, and say enjoy the summer break and see you again in Fall — while for others it was 'see you again in the future and good luck with your future endeavor'.

The theme of the party was Luau. We had varieties of foods including pizza, fried chicken, potato wedges, cake and drinks, and we had karaoke, games like a tug of war and balloon popping (improvised) and a 'superlatives handout ceremony'. We also had one student visiting from Kings Boston, who came for the campus tour of UW–Fox Valley and joined us for the party! It was a small event where all the Kings students could come together and just be themselves.

It was interesting to see students being shy and not wanting to sing. We had to ask them to sing multiple times but once they start singing, they would not stop. Center Manager Chihae sang a duet with student Jennifer, and Progression Advisor Kayla sang a duet with Kaining (Catherine), who is very talented and never shy when it comes to singing! Kayla also sang a duet with student Sean from Malaysia, who came as a surprise because he was very shy at first but once he had the microphone in his hand he was a different person. Other students sang as a group while a few played, or pretended to play, the guitar while their friends were singing.

Overall it was a fun and intimate party for the students that came. It felt bittersweet to hold a goodbye party but it is it not goodbye forever — we will see you again because once you are Kings, you are forever Kings.

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