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Elected as Vice President of Business Club at UW–Fox Valley

29 May, 2018
Elected as Vice President of Business Club at UW–Fox Valley

First year first semester student Yee Tung 'Khloe' Ding has been elected to be the Vice President of the Business Club at UW-Fox Valley for Fall 2018. Khloe is a freshman from Sabah, Malaysia and would like to major in Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

The Business Club is one of the more active clubs on campus, and Khloe was proactive to attend meetings once a week during her first semester studying at UW–Fox Valley in Spring 2018. Khloe stated: "We plan for upcoming events, school activities like job shadowing outside of the school. I have a lot of opportunity to talk to people and learn more about the business field."

Khloe hopes to focus on Finance when she studies business at UW–Madison. When asked what she likes most about her academics at UW–Fox Valley, she stated, "I really like the support that UW-Fox Valley gives me, especially in Writing. The Writing Pad is a place I constantly go throughout the semester to get my writing papers checked so that I can get the best grades possible. The professors are very helpful and are willing to help me when I have questions".

Khloe took the following classes during her first semester at UW–Fox Valley while also attending Business Club meetings: Intro to Business, Intro to Mass Communication, Geography, and College Algebra, English. She is constantly trying to network and increase her opportunities to become a student leader on campus. This is very important for all international students, because transfer schools look at not only students' grades but also how they interact socially on campus and their success as leaders of student led organizations.

Next semester, as Vice President of the Business Club Khloe will assist the President at meetings and be a representative when going out to events outside of the university campus. She also plans to work on campus at the Children’s Development Center. Khloe will also volunteer for Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, a program that fosters work-readiness, entrepreneurship and financial literacy skills to the youth (K-12). All these activities and volunteering will be an enormous asset to building Khloe’s academic and social profile when applying for transfer schools.

"Kings really took care of me. I feel safe to be with Kings because they give me good advice on what I should do this semester and they set up my target for me to transfer. Also, Kings gives me advice on transfer plans, and they also bring us out to dinner and movie." 

Khloe just recently received her final grades for the semester and received a final Grade Point Average of 3.8. The Kings Education team congratulates Khloe and wishes her continued success during her studies at UW–Fox Valley.


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