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Catching up with Kings' 100% A-level scholarship winner

17 Feb, 2020
Catching up with Kings' 100% A-level scholarship winner

We caught up with Ingrid to see how she felt about winning the Kings’ A-level scholarship! The event was held on the 18th January 2020 in Romania. One 100% scholarship and one 50% scholarship was given to two students.In total, 27 students attended the event and they were all very motivated with strong profiles.

This event was offered for the first time in Romania and it had been really successful due to the support of our partner IntegralEDU.

The event started with an opening presentation on the UK school system and students progression to universities. Following this, the students had been given a math and English test.The second day of the event, all 27 students were interviewed, which they gave a 10 minute presentation.

Students were able to choose from the topics below and were scored on organisation structure, range and accuracy of vocabularyand grammar, presentation skills, research and knowledge of the topic.

1. Work experience should be mandatory for all high-school students. Would you consider this a benefit?

2. Developing counties should be exempt from global environmental policies to help their economic growth.

3. With global threats of terrorism, governments should be allowed to monitor private emails and conversations in messaging services.

4. The growing influence of services such as YouTube on mass media is destroying the appreciation of traditional music and culture in countries around the world.

5. Struggling industries employing large numbers of people should be saved by governments even if they are no longer profitable.

6. Should high-school students be allowed an input into what they learn at school?

7. Should celebrities have to live in a way to set a good example to their fans or should be able live their lives as they want?

8. Is becoming a vegan an answer to helping the environment?

9. Slum / ghetto tourism is essentially visiting a zoo of poor people and does not show respect to fellow citizens.

10. Trade barriers help protect companies and workers in each country and have many other benefits.

Hi Ingrid, how do you feel about winning the 100% scholarship?

Thank you for this opportunity! Getting to study in the UK has always been my dream and being a student at Kings will surely be an achievement as well as an honour. I can’t wait for this new start! I am looking forward to meeting everyone at Kings soon!

Congratulations to George Eduard Ristoscu who also won Kings’ 50% scholarship.

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