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Discovering London whilst improving my English with Kings

11 Dec, 2019
Discovering London whilst improving my English with Kings

Kings London teacher, Liz, recently spoke to Nicolas from Colombia who has been studying at Kings London for 4 months now. He took the English Plus Art and Design course, and the Intensive Course. He has been making the most of his first independent trip to the UK by exploring London and having new experiences whilst improving his English.

What is your name, and where are you from?

My name is Nicolas Gamez, I’m from Colombia, and I’m 17 years old.

What course have you taken at Kings and what were your lessons like?

I have taken an English course. I took English Plus Art and Design. The English lessons were really good. I learned and improved my English a lot. I started in Level 5 and got up to Level 7 so I think that’s good progress.

Yes, definitely! And how long have you been here in total?

I have been here since August, so 4 months now.

What were your art lessons like?

They were really good because the teacher is very open and lets you work on whatever you would like to focus on, and he always tries to support you and bring you books and resources. He’s a really good person to guide you and help you to what you want.

Why did you decide to take this course? Do you have any specific future plans that require you to know English?

I decided to take this course because at my last school my English level was really low, and I wanted to improve it because in the future I will need it in my work and to business around the world. I need to take IELTS for university too.

What made you choose Kings London?

Well, I decided to come here because of the accent — I prefer British English to American English. When I was speaking to agency, they recommended Kings to us as a good school where you will have a really good experience and improve my English.

Where have you been staying?

In a host family. It was really nice – she’s very kind and funny and she buys us nice desserts and things like that. She is a nice person. She likes to talk with students, and sometime me and my housemate stay talking late at night all together. My housemate is from Vietnam.

Was that a good experience? To share with someone that’s not from the same country as you?

Yes it was nice because he has a really high level of English and has a British accent. He loves Harry Potter and has Harry Potter stuff everywhere in his bedroom!

Ah yes I know him! Tom – he has been at Kings for 3 years now.

What activities and excursions have you taken part in?

I’ve done the Beckenham walk and other London walks. I have done the London walk 3 times because I was different groups of friends and it was good to meet new people! This is my third time in London so I didn’t really need a guide, but it’s good for socialising.

Have you discovered many good places to shop, eat or explore around London whilst you have been here?

Yes, I have been to many new places, like Kingly Court on Carnaby Street — it’s beautiful, they have lots of lights and it’s full of restaurants located in a courtyard. The food there is amazing. I went to eat ramen and it was really good.

To shop, Bicester Village is a really famous shopping outlet near to Oxford, which is really great. They have Burberry, and other designer brands, but much cheaper than normal.

Has your experience in the UK been how you expected it? Or different?

Different, because my first time here was on vacation with my family and my father took us to the places that he thinks were the best. The second time I went to a college and I stayed there but we didn’t go to London and things like that.

This time, I came alone and tried to have new experiences and explore London by myself. I have been to Camden Town, and Notting Hill which is beautiful.

So every trip has been more independent than the last one?

Yes, definitely.

Would you recommend London as a destination for other students?

Yes — well, the food not so much! — but the atmosphere is amazing. It’s a really nice place and in the Summer the weather is beautiful. People are nice to you, and it’s a good place to be.