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Coming out of my comfort zone

15 May, 2019
Coming out of my comfort zone

Seavly Ho is from Cambodia and, along with her sister LyChhing, is currently completing the Advanced Level Foundation course at Kings London. She tells us about making friends, gaining confidence, and life in the UK's bustling capital city.

Hi Seavly. Where are you from in Cambodia?

I'm from Phnom Penh.

How does it compare to London?

It is very hot there and there are many different kinds of foods.

Was it strange to be in a cold city to start with?

Yes at first I was a bit homesick.

What course are you doing here and why did you choose this programme?

I'm doing Advanced Level Foundation. I thought A-level was too hard and is 2 years... I wanted a faster course.

What subjects are you studying?

I'm studying Law, CSS, Data, Maths and Economics.

What's your favourite subject so far?

I think my favourite is Law or Data.

How would you describe your experience at Kings London so far?

It's my first time coming out from my comfort zone. Before I was an introvert but coming here I have made a lot of friends and I feel much more open.

What do you think are the best things about the school?

I think the best thing is that it's not too big. If the first time coming abroad was to a big school I would feel scared and nervous. And the teachers help us a lot.

Have you made a lot of friends?

Yes, I have. They are from Korea, Iran, China…

How is it studying with people from other countries?

I love it because I can learn stuff from them. We all have different cultures.

What accommodation have you chosen here?

I am in a homestay, the same one as my sister. I love it, she is very kind and sweet and cooks good food!

Is London what you imaged it would be like?

Yes, it is. It isn't as wet as they said it would be!

What do you like most about this area, Beckenham?

The best thing is that this place is not too crowded. At home it is very crowded and there is lots of traffic. Here it is very calm. It is a good environment for studying.

Is there a favourite place that you have here in London?

My favourite place is China Town because I miss Chinese food!

Did you go there for Lunar New Year?

Yes, I did! It was crowded but it was fun. I ate lots of delicious food.

What are you most looking forward to about the next few months?

I am looking forward to getting some high scores. For my major I need very high scores.

What would you like to study?

I'd like to study Accounting.

Photo credit:
Chinatown, London — flickr CC / Danny Nicholson

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