Class of 2021

We are proud of all of our students, but this year we are especially proud. The pandemic has been particularly difficult for young people, but we are incredibly impressed by what our Class of 2021 has achieved.

We recently spoke to some of them about their experience of studying at Kings this year and below are links to all their video interviews.

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Meet the Class of 2021

"Coming to Kings has given me so much more confidence in what I can do"

Milly Usher-Wheatly
Studying on our A-levels

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Mehmet“There is no need to wait because it is the best experience.

“I've got offers from Bristol, Queen Mary and Royal Holloway to study Business.”

Mehmet Karanfil
Studying on our Advanced Level Foundation

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Success“NHS nurses are working hard and they need more people. I want to be there to help people and not watch from the sidelines.”

Success Okpuzor
Studying on our Medical Foundation

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Eva"I'm doing Maths, Physics, Biology and Chemistry. The teaching is way beyond my expectations.

"I want to study Medicine, I have applied for Oxford, UCL, Leeds, Brighton and Sussex. I have had special classes to prepare for BMAT and preparation for interviews with Oxford."

Eva Erkocaj
Studying on our A-levels

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“There are very few students at the moment so teachers can really go to each one of us and help us.

"On my first day I could not understand what other people said. Now I understand.”

Nathan Beudin
Learning English with us

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Shalika"Moving to the UK has opened up my perspective.

"Some of my friends actually asked me whether they should apply for Kings, I said 'yeah, definitely!"

Shalika Viandrasa
Studying A-levels with us

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Umar“Kings is a good place to go. They are friendly and open. It's a lot easier to absorb information because it is such a small class.”

Umar Habib
Studying on our A-levels course

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Ada"I applied to Oxford and I have my interview next week. We did interview practice with people from outside the college. It gave me a good idea of what to expect.

Ada Tanriverdi
Studying A-levels with us

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Nicholas“When I first came to Kings I was kind of worried I wouldn't get any friends, that I would just have to do my work, but I was able to focus and do my work and still have international friends.

It's been really interesting, it's really opened my eyes to their culture.”

Nicholas Smith
Studying A-levels at Kings

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Alina“I am studying Maths, Economics and Art & Design.

“I want to study Fashion Management. I have already chosen my universities: the University of Manchester, Leeds Arts University, Bournemouth, De Montfort and UAL.”

Alina Zhakenova
Studying A-levels with us

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Kyrylo“I am very impressed, in one place there are a lot of interesting and helpful people.”

Kyrylo Zakharchenko
Studying our Advanced Level Foundation

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Maddy"It's really inclusive. I am doing Politics and Photography A-levels.

I want to go to UAL to study Fashion for Film. It was either this combination of A-levels, or Art Foundation, but I wanted to have one subject in the academic block so it is really good how the college adapted to accommodate everyone."

Madeleine Hilton
Studying A-levels with us

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Alexandra“I'm aiming very high: I want to go to Oxford and study PPE as I feel it would be of great advantage for somebody like me who wants to go into Politics and help my country.

If you want to be part of a family, not a school, come to Kings!”

Alexandra-Daniela Mihu
Studying A-levels at Kings

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Gabor“I am studying Business, Geography and Politics. The teaching is really interactive. I enjoy all my lessons, we use computers, smartboards, it really prepares us for 21st century.

Gabor Torok
Studying A-levels with us

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Victoria“I am studying Maths, Biology and Economics. The teaching here is a little bit different from what I had in my home country, however I prefer this kind of teaching because we are in a really small group of students.

Hanh Chi (Victoria) Tran
Studying A-levels with us

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Albert“The UCAS Advisor Alan is great, he's helped me a lot with my personal statement (part of university application) ”

Albert Brotherton
Studying A-levels with us

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Maria Florencia"They explain all the topics and if you don't understand you have extra work and you can message the teachers to have one-on-one. If we are homesick we can call and talk and they organise activities.”

Maria Florencia Bucci
Studying on our Advanced Level Foundation

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Ho-Sa"It's a very nice place to develop my portfolio. You'll feel like home."

Ho-Sa Wang
Studying on our Art Foundation

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Anastasia"I have a great tutor. She's really nice, she supports me, we talk about everything. After my Foundation I want to go to UWE to study Fashion and Textiles”

Anastasia Sokolova
Studying Art Foundation

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Megan"They've been really good about keeping everyone safe. Making sure people use hand sanitiser, wear masks, keep a safe distance during break times”

Megan Rose
Studying on our A-level course

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Mibuki"I came here to get a good IELTS score because I wanted to get a good job in Japan but actually, because I have been here for nine months, I kind of changed my mind and am interested in working in the UK.”

Mibuki Okomoto
Learning English with us

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...and this is what our staff say!

Liz"My advice would be that actually there is no better time to come because we have got smaller classes so students get more out of us.”

Liz Gilbert
English language teacher

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Simon"At the moment we're taking special precautions to make sure everything is safe and compliant with all the regulations as they come out.

I want to do as many outdoor activities as possible, especially as in the digital age everybody is glued to their screen.”

Simon Devenport
Activity leader

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