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City and beach: learning English in Bournemouth

22 Apr, 2021
City and beach: learning English in Bournemouth

18-year old Armando, from Mexico, is studying English with us at Kings Bournemouth. Here, he shares his experience so far.

Hi Armando. Which course are you studying at Kings?

I am taking an [Intensive] English course for 6 months. I’m taking classes with Tim in the afternoons. The class name its SIG [Special Interest Group] Skills 3. I also do the Conversation Club on Wednesdays.

What is the teaching like at Kings Bournemouth?

It’s really good, I like it a lot.

Have you made many friends during your time at Kings Bournemouth?

Yes, I made a lot of good friends from many countries like Brazil, Kazakhstan, Russia, Angola, Turkey, Venezuela, Hong Kong and also from Mexico.

What are your reasons for wanting to learn English?

Just to improve my life and to easily have conversations in the future.

Why did you choose to study at Kings Bournemouth?

My agency showed me the school and I just liked it!

What do you think of Bournemouth as a city?

It’s an amazing city to live in. It’s an amazing city for students because of the schools, city, beach and all of the things to do.

Would you recommend Kings Bournemouth to a friend? How would you describe it?

Sure! It’s an amazing school with good students that you can make friends with, and also a really good city and near to London, one of the best cities in the world.

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