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A very fun and festive Christmas lunch at Kings Oxford

20 Dec, 2023
A very fun and festive Christmas lunch at Kings Oxford

Media Content Creator Cordelia Cross reports back on a very fun and festive Christmas lunch at Kings Oxford.

On the final Friday before the end of term our academic students at St. Joseph’s had the opportunity for the first time in years to enjoy a festive Christmas lunch. It was, however, no ordinary Christmas lunch; the students were waited on by Santa’s Elves, in the form of the Kings Oxford staff! Dressed in vibrant green and red costumes, completed with pointed hats and jingling bells, the staff members embraced their roles with infectious enthusiasm.

The canteen had been beautifully decorated with tinsel, festive table clothes, Christmas crackers, chocolate coins, a digital bright burning fireplace for ambience, not to mention our gigantic Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights and colourful ornaments.

As the students settled into their seats, the staff prepared to roll out everyone’s meals with expert speed; the serving line itself resembled that of Santa’s workshop, with the staff merrily supplying the students with their lunches.

With crackers being pulled left right and centre, Christmas jokes being told and Christmas music filling the room, there was a definite feeling of joy and warmth within the room.

There was a short interval between courses as students and staff alike enjoyed a short skit performed by a small group of students. The skit acted as a reminder to us all of the importance of being kind, generous, and showing compassion to all during the Christmas period. It was an important reminder of the importance of community, giving and being thankful for what we are already lucky to have.

After the skit it was time for dessert, which was swiftly delivered by the elves, a delicious-looking Yule log filled with berries and white chocolate was passed around the canteen which students promptly tucked into. Once this had been consumed there was a surprise visit from Santa Claus himself, only he took the form of Principal John Gale - much to the student’s bemusement! John then proceeded to hand out boxes of chocolate to each and every student to round off the lunch, it was a fitting end to a magical Christmas meal.

We hope this will be etched in the students' memories; a celebration of good food, festive fun, and the joys of reaching the end of term. Huge thanks to all the staff who helped make it a memorable and enjoyable event.

We hope everyone had a restful, peaceful festive period, here’s to a fantastic 2024!

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