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Challenges and benefits of studying in the US on the High School Completion Program

12 Dec, 2018
Challenges and benefits of studying in the US on the High School Completion Program

Zhuoping Hu (Annie) from China began the High School Completion Program at Kings Los Angeles (Marymount) in August. She shares the initial difficulties she faced during her first month in the US, how she overcame them, and what she thinks are the benefits of studying in the US for international students.

Life in the first month in Los Angeles was full of unknowns and problems for me. I did not have much understanding of American living habits, education and environment. I started to have trouble in my studies; something I did not expect. In fact, it really made me disappointed at that time. Fortunately, it was solved from teachers' help, and support from my friends. Honestly, I was in a very confused state for the first half of the month, and I was asking a lot of questions until I was slowly familiar with the environment.

Slowly I have started to understand my situation. The most satisfying thing for me must be the environment in Los Angeles. Los Angeles may not be the best choice for travel, but it must be said that choosing to live and study here is the most appropriate for me personally.

From the time I first arrived in September, the temperature has stayed at 25 degrees Celsius, which made me very surprised. The weather is the most important choice for me to decide which city I will prefer to study. The quality of a weather determines my daily comfort. There are many different entertainment projects in your extracurricular time and weekends. There are many beaches and supermarkets nearby, which is convenient.

Another reason to study in the US is this place gives you more opportunities. Many students start from community colleges and then they can transfer to a comprehensive university after 1–2 years. So basically, your first choice is not your only choice. There are many opportunities for international students to re-select. There are also professional teachers in the school who will help you with the application to transfer.


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