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Celebrating the #HelloYellow Health awareness campaign 2021

11 Oct, 2021
Celebrating the #HelloYellow Health awareness campaign 2021

On 8th October, students and staff at Kings Bournemouth celebrated World Mental Health Day through the #Hello Yellow campaign. Everyone was urged to wear something yellow to in support of this, with many choosing to wear yellow socks or a yellow t-shirt — it was great to see them getting involved and taking part.

On the day there were lots of funny cut-outs of different objects that the students used to pose for photos with, and there was also a big frame which had the HelloYellow sign on it and was very popular throughout the day.

At break and lunchtime students gathered in the canteen and continued to take photos all with smiles on their faces, staff were also present in the canteen and went round and asked the students questions such as ‘what do you understand by mental health ?’ and ‘can you tell me what the Hello Yellow campaign is all about?’. These questions were great in making the students think about what the day was all about and what it means to them, and all round it was a successful day.