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Celebrating student success at the Graduation Ceremony

23 Jun, 2021
Celebrating student success at the Graduation Ceremony

Friday 11th June was the last day of the academic year — and the final day at Kings Oxford — for many students on the A-level, Advanced Level Foundation and Art and Design Foundation programmes. Kings Oxford marked the occasion with a graduation and award ceremony held at the St Joseph’s campus.

Kings Oxford Principal, John Gale, along with A-level Course Director, Paul Steele, gave speeches and then presented the graduation certificates to all the departing students. A number of awards were also given out for achievements such as making the “Biggest contribution to the Kings community” or being “Star A-level student”. Teachers were also thanked for their hard work this year and presented with special awards, gifts and flowers.

Students wore traditional black graduation gowns and ‘mortarboard’ hats to receive their awards, just like many of them will do again in 3 years’ time when they will be graduating from university! We were grateful that many of our online students who have been studying remotely from home this year were also able to take part in the celebrations by joining virtually through MS Teams.

After the awards ceremony, students said final goodbyes to their classmates and teachers and took lots of photos. Many students and teachers then went on to a local pub to continue the celebrations and make the most of their last few days in Oxford.

We are incredibly proud of our ‘Class of 2021’ students who have worked exceptionally hard and have been awarded with fantastic university offers from many of the top institutions in the UK and beyond this year. Despite having a turbulent year with lots of disruption due to the pandemic, our students managed to stay on track and reach their goals.

Congratulations to all — we will miss you!