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My journey from Kings to Goldsmiths University

20 Jan, 2020
My journey from Kings to Goldsmiths University

Maurane's Art and Design journey first started when she was searching for Foundation courses. It was then that she came across Kings and decided that it would be her perfect pathway to University. She is now studying at the prestigious Goldsmiths University in London.

"So, initially when I graduated from High School I didn’t know what to do and so I took a year off. During that year, I found that I wanted to study Art. However, I knew that I wouldn’t be ready enough to apply for a good University, so I decided to take up a foundation year first, and that was when I discovered Kings.

So, I really, really, really loved my foundation at Kings. It just allowed me to discover what I am actually capable of. I acquired so many skills and gained so much more confidence.

"The foundation year made me feel much more ready to start further education at Goldsmiths University."

As part of the foundation year, I was studying English. Not only was it about learning English but it was about the culture as well. I definitely can say that the teaching was really good. We had the chance to work with artists. Again, the teaching was so great, Kings made me feel very comfortable with starting my new journey. It was all new, so to have that support, I felt more confident.

At the end of the year we had to select the best Art work we had done over the year and it contributed towards our Portfolio. There were a range of Universities I wanted to go to, but Goldsmiths University was definitely my top choice.

Being a student at Goldsmiths is encouraging but also challenging. If you don’t have challenges, then how do you aim to be better? It’s a great way to develop.

The confidence I started to develop at Kings is still there and now I’m not afraid of what is coming next. Although I don’t know as of yet, I know I will be where I have to be."