Catching up with Joe

Joe did his A-levels with us at Kings Brighton. He is now doing a BA(Hons) Business with International Business Management at Liverpool John Moores University.

“From where I started and the level I came in at when I came to Kings last September, honestly university didn’t feel like it could ever be real option for me. It was a far-off dream, it is hard to put into words, but it is like not surreal, but it is amazing to think how far I have come, as a journey, the help I have been given, the guidance and support from my family and from the team at Kings as well. Just getting me to this point is unbelievable, I am over the moon.” “I have met so many amazing people, I wasn't surprised at how well I liked it because I knew from the moment we went to visit, just by the look of the school & meeting the staff, it was going to be good, and also that the quality was high, I was just surprised at how much I loved it.”

“It is because of Kings that I am going to university.”

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