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Cambodia Bike Challenge 2016: raising money for United World Schools

25 Jan, 2017
Cambodia Bike Challenge 2016: raising money for United World Schools

Over the last couple of years there have been many initiatives to raise funds to build and sustain new schools in Cambodia through our partnership with United World Schools. But perhaps the most ambitious so far was a 300km bike ride through the Cambodian jungle.

This fantastic challenge was completed in March by a team comprising Kings Director Andrew Green; IT Business Development Manager Karen Rees (and her friend and honorary Kings colleague Liz Patrick); Principal of Kings Oxford Mike Smith; Kings Oxford teachers Sean Scatchard and Gabrielle Lambrick; and our Regional Development Director and Recruitment and Admissions Manager in South East Asia, Lucy Cattermole and Emily Wood.

Travelling across remote country which no one had previously cycled, and in the face of 40+ degree heat, the journey took in several UWS schools, including our own schools at Kro Lorng and Kapin.

The team had the opportunity to meet students and teachers at the schools, even taking part in some lessons and activities. Lucy Cattermole says:

“The cycling was certainly the toughest physical challenge I have ever put my body through, but arriving at the villages to such warm welcomes from whole communities really made it all worthwhile.

“Seeing the UWS schools in person was just incredible. It is almost impossible to express just how remote these villages are, and how little the children would have to do if it weren’t for the school in their village. Seeing the children at their desks, so keen, interested and responsive, made me feel exceptionally proud of the involvement and support which Kings is giving to UWS and the amazing work they are doing for these children.”

For an in depth perspective from another rider, you can read Sean Scatchard’s evocative and thoughtful impressions of this amazing journey.