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Benefiting from the student-centred ethos at Kings

12 Jan, 2021
Benefiting from the student-centred ethos at Kings

As a small, private college, Kings is able to provide a highly personalised approach to learning, student welfare and pastoral development.

Small classes and individual learning plans

Teaching is conducted in small classes, averaging just 7 students per class. Every student’s individual circumstances are considered and appropriate personal learning plans agreed to enable them to meet their ambitions.

Students have an initial consultation with the college Principal to discuss their previous learning and aims for the future. All options are explored and appropriate Personal Learning Plans agreed. The Principal gives specific consideration to the student’s subject interests, objectives and requirements for the next stage of their education.

Flexibility around courses and learning

At Kings there are opportunities to commence A-Level studies even if they have not yet achieved the GCSEs they are capable of. At Kings, students with GCSE grades 4,5,6 would always be considered for A-Level studies.

Development occurs at different stages of a student’s education and with Kings approach of small classes and personal attention, student with grades at this level can still achieve extremely well at A-Level. Where desirable, students may also resit one or several GCSE subjects in the first year of their studies at Kings.

Reaching higher with Kings

Kings’ student-centred ethos and approach is specifically tailored to enable students to achieve their full potential. This applies for students who have already achieved their full target grades at GCSE and for those who would benefit from another opportunity to do so.

Albert Brotherton moved from a local state school in Brighton to Kings, where he finished his GCSEs and is now in his second year of A-levels. Here, he shares his thoughts on how the environment and approach at Kings has helped him on the path to success.


“Ever since I was a young child in kindergarten, I had troubles in school. I was never able to concentrate in a large class, which led to me having problems with my grades and teachers. This all changed however when I came to Kings Brighton. The focused environment and smaller classes gave me the motivation and support to mature both academically and mentally. The teachers individually helped me work towards my goals, allowing me to pass my GCSEs which I was previously struggling with.

Now I’m in my second year of A-levels and am aiming for the top universities in the United Kingdom, such as Kings College and Imperial College in London. Kings has also helped me develop my social skills through its friendly atmosphere and family-like environment, allowing me to transform from being a quiet and shy child into the Student Council president, with a very friendly and outgoing personality.”

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