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"My new life in the US" Ben at The Gilbert School

09 Oct, 2020

Debra LaRoche Walls, Dean of Admissions for the International Program of The Gilbert School recently had a talk with their new 9th grade student, Ben Nguyen from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Here is how the conversation went:

How are you doing living in the US?

“I am doing good. The weather is getting colder and there are many beautiful trees with colors. Everyone here is nice to me. I like how large the supermarkets are. I am trying many different foods here. I tried a burrito and it was really delicious. I like spicy foods.”

How are your classes going at Gilbert?

“It’s good. I am making friends who are helping me when I don’t understand things. The teachers are helping with all my questions. I do ask the teachers a lot of questions. There is a lot of homework but I am asking my dorm friends to help me out. After homework I get to go out and play basketball on the outside court. That is fun.”

Do you miss Vietnam?

“Yes, sometimes I miss my traditional food and family but I have family here in Hartford and I am getting used to the new food I am eating here in America."

"Now Gilbert is my new family.”

What would you like to tell your friends back home in Vietnam about how you are doing at The Gilbert School?

“It is really good. If you want to have a chance to come to the US, I think you will like it. Don’t be worried about anything because everyone will help you. I really like The Gilbert School and you should choose it.”

How is it living in the dorm?

“Everyone in the dorm is nice to me. The food for dinner is delicious. My RC’s help me with my homework, my chrome books and they visit with me. The building is very clean. My bed is soft.

I can play UNO with the boys at the dorm. On weekends I go to see my Uncle and Aunt about 40 minutes from here in Hartford. I can stay with them and eat traditional foods from home.”

Ben plans to attend The Gilbert School for all four years of high school. He is so happy at Gilbert that he is talking with friends back home in Vietnam to join the school next fall.

“It is such a joy to see how well Ben is adjusting to his new life in Winsted and at Gilbert,” says Ms. LaRoche Walls.

“He is a joy to talk with and he loves making friends, working on his homework and playing video games on weekends with his friends back home in Vietnam. It appears to be a seamless transition for such a young boy who is so many miles from home. I admire his strength and positive outlook on all the new things he is enjoying here at Gilbert. It is an honor for me to be a part of his educational journey. I am so happy he wanted to be here in our international program.”