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Fundraising for Libya through a school bake sale

26 Sep, 2023
Fundraising for Libya through a school bake sale

In a remarkable display of unity and compassion, staff and students at Kings Bournemouth came together on Friday 29th September to organise a heartwarming bake sale for Libya. The goal was clear - to extend a helping hand to those affected by the devastating floods in the country.

With the combined efforts of our dedicated staff members and enthusiastic students, we managed to raise over £400 for the cause.

Preparation and participation

The bake sale was a result of meticulous planning and enthusiastic participation from students and staff alike. From scrumptious cookies to delectable brownies, the school's kitchen was abuzz with activity. The dedication and creativity displayed by our budding bakers were nothing short of inspiring. Teachers also played an instrumental role, offering guidance and support, demonstrating the true spirit of mentorship.

A remarkable turnout

The response from the Kings community was overwhelming. Teachers, staff members and students poured in to support the cause, contributing not only financially but also by spreading awareness about the plight of those affected by the floods. It was heartening to see everyone coming together for a common goal.

Looking forward

We believe that tis event has created a ripple effect of goodwill and empathy within the Kings community. Together, we managed to raise over £400, a testament to the collective impact we can achieve when we unite for a worthy cause.

The bake sale for Libya serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for future endeavors and reinforcing the values that Kings holds dear.

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