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A brief trip back to school

18 Jan, 2024
A brief trip back to school

In December 2023, local Course Director Celine Qian, and other members of Kings Suzhou management were delighted to meet with six former Kings Advanced Level Foundation students at the Suzhou campus. These students are all now at university in the UK, having achieved high grades in their Foundation course at Kings Bournemouth last summer.

Celine reports that the students felt that Kings' courses were very helpful for them to articulate to the university. They especially mentioned the Kings CSS (Communication and Study Skills) course. Because of the subject of CSS, it made them “less panicky” when they entered the university to study other subjects. The other academic subjects they learned at Kings gave them an initial understanding of the basic, pre-university concepts, and when they got to university they were actually exploring those concepts in more depth. This is completely different from their traditional Chinese high school programme.

It can be said that they used the one-year preparatory period to quickly adapt to international undergraduate study. They really agreed that the programme indeed gave them a thorough foundation in the skills and knowledge necessary.

Most of last year’s Foundation students have gone on to study at the University of Bristol, with others having progressed to the University of Leeds, University of Southampton, University of Glasgow, and University of Warwick, where they are fulfilled and happy. All are excellent universities that are part of the Russell Group.

The students shared many stories about their Kings Bournemouth teachers. They said they felt very lucky to meet many good teachers who were very student-centred and gave a lot of encouragement and support. This made them very happy and allowed them to progress through each term with increased confidence and skills.

We hope that this year’s Kings Foundation cohort will be just as successful.

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