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Kings Oxford Student, Ayeawan visits London Theatre for the first time

16 Jan, 2020
Kings Oxford Student, Ayeawan visits London Theatre for the first time

Ayeawan Ita, who is a first year A-level student, studying English Literature at Kings Oxford tells us about her first experience of watching ‘The Death of A Salesman’.

My first experience ever of watching a play in a theatre - as well as being one of the set texts on my English Literature A Level course - was very good. As my classmates and my teacher walked to the bus stop to take the bus to London, I had an ecstatic feeling.

We arrived in London in less than hour and we took about 10mins to admire our surroundings which our teacher clearly pointed out. After that it was my first experience of the London underground which had a lot of cultures and also a positive vibe which I experienced personally. We got to Piccadilly where we firstly admired the atmosphere and its beauty, taking pictures. Then we proceeded to lunch before going to the theatre.

At the entrance of the theatre people could have described it as rowdy but what I would describe it as, is a space filled with eager people waiting to see a wonderful and brilliantly written piece of art which would be performed by talented actors. After one of the theatre staff had confirmed our tickets, we walked up the stairs then located our seats. The theatre was very beautiful with red curtains which covered the stage seats that were angled forwards, as if to push the audience somehow closer to the actors.

Before the play started, I realised that I would not be able to see the actors clearly considering the fact that I forgot my glasses intentionally because I assumed it was going to ruin my outfit! My kind classmate Isma lent me money to pay for mini googles which were installed in front of the theatre seats. We were informed to switch off our phones and then I began to brace myself for the magnificence I was about to experience. The play started and I recognised an actor I had seen in numerous movies previously (Wendell Pierce from Suits and the Wire). The acting was spectacular, and the pace of the plot was very fast which kept me at the edge of my seat eager to see what was next.

The dramatic features used in the play were also wonderful; the actors were not only speaking mere words but there was also a lot of physical acting. The play Death of a Salesman was not just an ordinary play; it carried a deep message that opened my eyes to the fact that problems will always arise and the way in which we address those problems will surely affect us either positively or negatively. I also learnt that life has different challenges for different people but that if someone is in a challenging situation we should try our best to reach out and help them.

Lastly, I learnt that our mental and emotional wellbeing is very crucial - as humans we should try as much as possible to pay attention to our psychological health because it the power box of our entire body. Death of a Salesman is a wonderful piece of art and I am happy that my teacher gave my classmates and I the opportunity to experience such a wonderful and dramatic piece of art.