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An update from Cambodia — United World Schools partnership

04 Sep, 2018
An update from Cambodia — United World Schools partnership

Through our partnership with United World Schools, we have now been able to help fund the construction of two new schools in Cambodia. Located in rural parts of the country, they have proved to be of huge benefit to the local communities that they serve.

We are happy, via United World Schools, to report back on the situation both in the villages themselves, and Cambodia as a whole.

The economic and political situation in Cambodia remains the same — large scale deforestation is starving the land and destroying important ecosystems. For example, most rural inhabitants can’t eat meat, though it was once a regular part of the Cambodian diet, because animal habitats have been destroyed. Wood is mainly taken into Vietnam and China illegally, though many suspect government officials are complicit.

The education system is slowly changing in Cambodia. Local governments are very supportive of our work and the impact we are having. The national government, once unwilling to support school building in rural areas, is now slowly starting to take notice. The Education Ministry has progressively increased the education budget and has created new low cost initiatives such as e-learning tools for exam revision.

Children studying at UWS Kro Long School, Cambodia

Where our schools have been built, local communities have benefitted. The school library is the only source of books in the area, a source of learning, entertainment and relief for all the inhabitants (the children bring their families along to learn to read too). We try and grow crops at the school when possible to provide some extra sustenance to students’ families. Ultimately our students are having fun in their lessons, developing their problem-solving ability and capacity to read and write. They have a future of open doors and choices.

The school remains a popular hub for villagers, with parents and families regularly visiting the school to join the children for activities.

Children enjoying a game of volleyball at UWS Kro Long School, Cambodia