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An offer to study Architecture at Central Saint Martins

27 May, 2021
An offer to study Architecture at Central Saint Martins

Nataliia Bazaka from Ukraine, is completing the final stages of her Art and Design Foundation programme at Kings Brighton. After receiving 3 university offers to study Architecture in the UK from September 2021, Nataliia has accepted an offer from Central Saint Martins, part of University of the Arts, London (UAL). Central Saint Martins is one of the top art and design schools in the country, and part of the prestigious network of UAL colleges across London.

Hi Nataliia. What degree course are you going to study, and where will you study?

I have applied for Architecture and I am going to study at University of the Arts London (UAL), at Central Saint Martins.

How did Kings help you to get your place at UAL?

It has been my first experience of studying abroad, and actually to be studying a full-time arts course. I would say that this course is brilliant for art students because the teachers, and the projects that I completed, helped to me create my personal portfolio.

Did you have to do an interview to go to UAL?

Yes, I did five interviews! Actually, it wasn’t so hard because my English teacher helped me and we did some practice tasks before the interviews. The practice tasks helped me feel prepared for the main interviews.

Can you tell us a bit more about your course at Kings?

As I said, it was my first experience studying abroad and I gained a lot of knowledge — namely, art knowledge.

"We had many exciting projects during the course. The teachers are so communicative with us as students."

Before I applied for Architecture, I had some tasks to complete for my portfolio and even though it was a Sunday, I chatted with my teacher and she was so helpful.

You will be studying Architecture at university from September — do you know what sort of Architecture you would like to study and have you thought about your future plans and career?

That’s a tough question! I want to achieve success in this industry. I believe that it will be my profession and I will feel comfortable working in this industry.

I think that after university, I will try and work in the UK to get some basic practice, and then after that I want to go back to my country and start to develop my country from an architectural perspective.

If you had a friend who was thinking about coming to the UK to study, how would you describe Kings to your friend?

"I would say it is like a big family. I have met here so many close friends."

To be honest, I feel upset that it is coming to the end of the course and I will miss all these people and the teachers! I’ve started to be sad about the end of the year!

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