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An evening at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

18 Aug, 2023
An evening at the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA)

Last week, Kings students took advantage of the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) Free Thursday Night, a weekly occasion during which the art museum offers the public an opportunity to visit the exhibit halls free of charge from 5 PM to 9 PM.

Nicolas, Ege, Filippo, and Kai were among those who went along.

Inside the prominent local art museum, the students admired works from a couple of different contemporary American artists, including Simone Leigh and Tammy Nguyen.

Filippo and Ege posed for a photo in front of Last Garment, Leigh's Black feminist sculpture made of bronze and steel. Leigh's work recently represented the United States in one of the biggest, most noteworthy modern art exhibitions in the entire world, the Venice Biennale.

Later, the pair of students were joined by Nicolas for a photo in front of one of Tammy Nguyen's thickly layered paintings, which are known for their confusing and contradictory explorations of interwoven narratives. These particular works by Nguyen are inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson's Nature, an essay with far-reaching influence that started here in Massachusetts' very own town of Concord.

The students enjoyed a scrumptious American meal at Shake Shack in the seaport district of Boston before attending the free exhibits.

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