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Aiming for Medical School after A-levels at Kings Brighton

15 Feb, 2021
Aiming for Medical School after A-levels at Kings Brighton

Anahita Masoumi, from Iran, is aiming to study Medicine at university in the UK from September. She is currently completing A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Physics with us at Kings Brighton.

She recently gave us her thoughts on the school, and shared her university plans.

Hi Anahita. What is your favourite subject and why do you like it?

I really enjoy all three subjects I am doing here. But if I have to choose one I choose Biology because I really love to learn about the human body and I enjoy doing practicals in the science lab.

How would you describe the community at Kings?

"As an international student I was really afraid to not fit in but because Kings is an international college, I really felt welcomed and everyone is very friendly."

I try my best to attend the activities the school plan for each week and I really enjoy it.

What is the teaching like at Kings Brighton?

"My teachers are really well educated and they use different resources for teaching each lesson, which I really admire because it truly helps me to learn and understand better."

Have you started your university applications yet? How is it going? Which universities are you applying to?

Yes, I have applied to Aston University, Newcastle University, the University of Brighton, the University of Leeds, Lancaster University, UCLan and St George’s. I have got an interview with Aston, and offers from Newcastle and Brighton. I am still waiting for a response from UCLan and St George’s.

How has your experience of studying online throughout the pandemic been?

It is not as easy as learning in face-to-face but it is not that bad and I kind of enjoy my online classes.

Have you taken part in many social activities or clubs during your time at Kings?

Yes, last year before the pandemic there were more activities to take part in, but this year I have attended activities relating to Halloween and Christmas. Also I am a member of the Student Council — currently I am trying my best to make the new students who came in January feel as comfortable as possible, which I think it has been a success.

Why did you choose to study at Kings Brighton?

About 2-3 years ago I came to Kings for a summer camp in Cheltenham and during that we went on a tour to see the other Kings colleges in other cities. They gave a brief summary about the courses and how things work and I really liked it and wanted to come here to continue studying.

How would you describe Kings Brighton to a friend who was thinking about studying here?

"I always say that the location is perfect — you have access to everything and the college itself is really colourful and well equipped. The staff are very friendly and pretty cool. They help you through your journey as much as possible when you ask them."

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