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Advancing my English in preparation for postgraduate study in the UK

25 Nov, 2021
Advancing my English in preparation for postgraduate study in the UK

We recently spoke to Ibrahim Ali Abu Saq from Saudi Arabia, who is taking the Intensive English course at Kings Oxford. Here, he shares the highlights of his time so far, and his plans for the future.

Hello Ibrahim. How are you enjoying your course at Kings?

I am enjoying it, because everyone here is really organised; when you study there are systems, it's not just random. After school you can do activities that are less academic but still allow you to use your English and discover a lot of things.

What is your favourite part of the course?

I really enjoy the extra curricular stuff, where we can use what weve learnt but there's no pressure — you can just experience different things going out and enjoying your time.

Are you enjoying your time in Oxford?

Of course, the fact Im still here says a lot and Ive been here since last October.

Are you taking part in the activities we organise for the students?

Actually I have learnt a lot about British culture through the activities, going out with the activities team and joining in on the trips. I think I probably go on the most! I enjoy the sports, especially volleyball games and matches. I enjoy the social restaurant and pub trips too.

Are you staying with a family or at Wavy Gate Residence?

No, Im staying with a family, which has been pretty good.

How are you finding that?

I get on well with them, weve been out together many times and like spending time with them, and they help make my life easier.

What made you choose to study in the UK / in Oxford / at Kings Oxford?

Well, my friend recommended it to me Kings, and said it was really good and that it helped him get his IELTS, and so because of that I followed in his footsteps.

Why are you learning English?

Because I want to get a Master's degree.

What are you planning to do after this course?

I am going hoping to study Water Engineering at Sheffield University.

What is the best English word/expression you've learnt since arriving in Oxford?

Something I find quite funny is when I meet British people and they ask me you alright?And Im thinking yes, why is there something wrong?!

Would you recommend Kings Oxford to future students?

Yeah of course, I would recommend it as a good place to learn English; the teachers are helpful, and support us, especially during COVID when it's been a hard time to study and teach. They did their best to make it easy for us.