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Advanced Level Foundation in Brighton to prepare for a degree in Economics

09 Jan, 2019
Advanced Level Foundation in Brighton to prepare for a degree in Economics

Le Anh Huy (Andrew) is from Vietnam, and began Advanced Level Foundation at Kings Brighton in September 2018. We spoke to him during his first term to find out how his course is going, and how he is getting involved in the school and local community.

Hi Andrew, what are you studying at Kings Brighton?

I am currently studying Advanced Level Foundation. The subjects that I am studying are History, Maths, Economics, Study Skills and Data.

The reason I chose History and Economics is because I have always liked these two subjects and when I read the course description in Kings I found it really interesting. I find Study Skills and Data quite interesting.

What made you choose to come to Kings?

Actually, I came across Kings a number of years ago in 2016 when I organised a Model United Nations event in Vietnam and Kings was the sponsor of that event, and through that event I became aware of Kings. Then, when I decided that I was going to go to England, Kings Education was the first thing that came across my mind.

The reason I like Kings is because of its small community. The class size is not too big, and everyone has a voice and can contribute in class. Also, the Enrichment activities are very diverse. Another reason is the variety of international students here. I have met a lot of new friends from all over the world and it is very interesting to get to know different cultures to broaden my knowledge.

Can you describe your typical day at Kings?

Most of my classes start at 9:00 in the morning. There are only 4 students in my History class but there are more in my Math class, 10 or 11 students. In Economics there are 6 to 7.

A typical day starts at 9:00 and we have a 30-minute break at 10:30 and an hour's lunch break at 12:30. On a busy day I would have classes until 4:30. Luckily, Kings Brighton has a lot of clubs and activities, so after classes I will jump right to them. For example, we have Music Club on Wednesday, Student Council on Tuesday, and Basketball on Fridays — I really enjoy that, as well as Student Council.

Which Enrichment clubs and classes have you taken part in?

I have taken part in Basketball, Student Council, Music Club and I tried origami. I have also taken part in the Walking Club. It is a privilege to be working with a lot of students on the Student Council. We worked on the Halloween party and I was assigned to get the prizes for the costume competition where students dressed up in some crazy Halloween costumes and we judged who gets the prizes.

What are your teachers like?

Most of the teachers are very friendly and I really enjoy working with Mr Benier. His Economics classes are always interesting. He gives us realistic examples by giving us newspapers to read and gets us to do research and that really fascinates me.

Are you thinking about next year yet, about which university you would like to go to?

Yes, I have a couple of universities in mind. I would like to do an Economics degree and the best-case scenario would be getting admitted to Warwick University. Mr Alan Beer is my personal tutor and he is very helpful in helping us fill in our applications on the UCAS website, and Mr Benier is very helpful in giving me advice on my personal statement.

Where are you living?

I am living on campus. It has been a very good experience so far for me because you never get bored and you always have something to do and it is very convenient. You just have to go downstairs to go to class and that is very beneficial.

Are you doing anything else in your free time while you are here in Brighton?

Yes, I am currently doing the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. It is an award that has 4 sections: physical, skills, expedition and volunteering. I am currently volunteering in a charity store near the school. I have been planning out what I will have to do over the next year to fulfil the criteria needed to receive my gold award.

What was your first day in Brighton like?

I was one of the first students who arrived, so it was kind of scary the first day. You go outside on the street and you see different faces — and Brighton is a very diverse city. People arrived later and at the welcome party I got to meet some new friends and I have been settling in ever since. At the moment I am enjoying Brighton very much.

What do you like about Brighton?

I like that we have a beach — the beach doesn't have sand, it has pebbles which is interesting — and I like the vibrancy of this city. You can walk around the city and see a lot of street art and bars. The campus is located right in the centre of Brighton, so it is very convenient. You only have to walk 5 minutes and you can get everything you want like food or clothing. The people are very friendly and are more talkative here than they are in Vietnam.

Is there any advice you would give students who are thinking of coming to Brighton?

For Asian students, I think you should not pack too many winter clothes because you can easily get them here and they are not too expensive. For those who would like to go to Kings in the next year, they should probably do some research about the courses and figure out what they would like to do here and make some contact beforehand with some current students, like me, to get an honest picture of what it is like in Kings.

Where can we expect to see you in 10 years’ time?

Maybe in Africa teaching. That is my long-term plan. I want to spend the first 10 years after I graduate traveling and doing different things while helping people.