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Achieving my academic dreams and studying Biomedical Science

20 Feb, 2019
Achieving my academic dreams and studying Biomedical Science

Nora Kasar, from Turkey, studied the Advanced Level Foundation at Kings London, and is now at the University of Surrey following her passion and studying Biomedical Science. She tells us about the challenges of starting a degree, and how Kings helped prepare her for the university journey.

Hi Nora. How was your first term at Surrey, and is university life how you expected?

My first term at Surrey was a bit challenging, because this is where I started to realise I was becoming an adult. Cooking for myself, washing dishes, doing laundry along with my studies made me realise that.

Even though I stayed in the UK during my Foundation Year, I had mainly international friends. At Surrey, I also had the opportunity to get to know British students and their cultures.

Are you pleased with your choice of university and of degree course?

I am very happy with my current degree course, which is Biomedical Science, and my choice of university. I've always been passionate about the human body and its workings, and my course provides me with everything I want to learn about.

How do you think your time at Kings best prepared you for university?

Studying at Kings came with lots of responsibilities. Leaving my home country to live alone for the first time, getting used to independent self-study and finding my way around in the UK helped me to prepare for my university journey.

Were you happy with your Foundation results, and did they exceed what you thought you would achieve when you first came to the UK?

I was very satisfied with my Foundation results, I got higher grades than what the universities offered me. Foundation exams were harder than the exams I had in my country. I still knew that I would get great marks to achieve my future plans.

What aspects of Kings and the classes most helped you to make good academic progress?

Kings prepared me for university by providing extra modules apart from my core ones. For example, the Communication and Study Skills module taught me how to write academic essays and reference them. I am very glad that I've gained this skill, it helped me a lot during my first term and will help throughout my course.

What enrichment activities did you do at Kings, and do you feel they helped with your university application?

We had trips to universities with Science students and had the opportunity to see labs and experiments related to our modules. These excited me more about my degree course.

Do you have any messages for your former teachers and classmates at Kings?

I miss all of my teachers, they were very friendly and helpful during my time at Kings. I still meet with my friends from Kings, we’ve never lost the touch. I just want to thank every teacher and the staff at Kings for helping me to achieve my academic dreams.