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Celebrating academic success at Achievement Day

20 May, 2019
Celebrating academic success at Achievement Day

Every year, Pine Manor College celebrates Achievement Day. During this ceremony, the faculty presents students with awards for their academic and extracurricular success. This semester a number of Kings students received awards in subjects such as Math, Science, Writing and Dance!

Biology and Chemistry

Achievement Award for Chemistry: Xingyu Zhu, China

Xingyu is a sophomore Science major interested in Agricultural Studies. His goal after college is to have his own greenhouses in China that will grow produce for his community. Xingyu was accepted to two Top 100 US universities: University of Wisconsin–Madison (ranked #49) and Texas A&M University, College Station (#66).

Xingyu presented with his award.
Xingyu Zhu

Perkin Merit Scholarship: Minju Ahn, South Korea

Minju was one of three students who received the scholarship towards the Fall 2019 semester tuition for their studies in Behavioral Science, Biological Science, or Mathematics. Minju is a first-year Biology major.

Winners of the Perkin Merit Scholarship.
Minju Ahn (above right)


Achievement Award for Best Written Research Paper, Beverly Alexander Award in Writing: Wenbo Huang, China

Wenbo is a freshman at PMC. Her major is undecided, but she is extremely interested in English Literature. Wenbo is excelling in all of her classes and loves the Pine Manor campus!

Wenbo with her award.
Wenbo Huang


Achievement Award for Mathematics: Minju Ahn and Seongji Yun, South Korea

In addition to receiving the Perkin Merit Scholarship for Biology, Minju also received an award for Mathematics. Seongji is a sophomore studying Sports Management and is the founder and president of PMC’s Badminton Club. She was accepted by four Top 100 US universities and will enroll in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (#46) for the Fall 2019 semester.

Minju and Seongji.
Minju Ahn (left) and Seongji Yun (right)


Achievement Award for Distinction in Dance: Yiyuan Chen, China

Yiyuan is a third semester communication major and is a member of PMC’s Dance Ensemble. She received offers from five Top 100 US universities and will start at the University of Rochester (#33) in the Fall 2019 semester.

Yiyuan collecting her award.
Yiyuan Chen

Best FYE (First Year Experience) Presentation

$50 Amazon Gift Card for Best FYE Presentation: Jeongyeon Kong, South Korea

FYE is the First Year Experience class required of all freshman students at PMC. At the end of the semester, all students in the class are to present on a current issue of their choice to the campus community. Jeongyeon was part of a group presentation about fine dust in the atmosphere. Jeongyeon is doing very well in all of her classes and is enjoying her life in Boston.

Jeongyeon and group.
Jeongyeon Kong (right)