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Accepted to UW–Madison after one year at UWO–Fox Cities

08 Jul, 2019
Accepted to UW–Madison after one year at UWO–Fox Cities

Quoc Binh Trinh (Binh), from Vietnam, has recently been accepted to the University of Wisconsin–Madison's College of Letters and Science for Fall 2019, to major in Computer Science. He joined Kings Premium Universities in Fall 2018 and studied at UWO–Fox Cities for two semesters, taking part in Soccer Club and Computer Science Club during his time there. We spoke to Binh, just before he was accepted to UW–Madison, about his transfer plans.

Hi Binh, what are you currently studying?

I'm studying General Studies which will help me fulfill requirement for my major in Computer Science.

What made you want to study abroad to pursue your degree?

I wanted to study abroad because the education system is better compared to my home country.

What are you plans after graduation?

I don't have any interesting plan but I would like to find a job in my major to gain experience. I would also like to maybe travel to some other countries than the US to explore.

Why did you choose to study at Kings at UWO-Fox Cities?

I chose UW-Fox Valley because my goal is to attend UW-Madison, and UWO-Fox Cities is an appropriate starting point.

What are your favorite classes, why do you like it?

I like Psychology 202 because I like anticipating behaviors, and it is not too easy as other class I have taken up until now.

What classes do you find most challenging?

I struggled a little bit in HES 127 class which is a fitness class. The reason I find it challenging is because it is in the morning, and I'm a night person so it's difficult for me!

Have you decided on your target schools? How are Kings staff guiding you through the transfer process?

My target school has been UW–Madison in the first place — I'm trying to transfer early, after 1 year instead of 2 years like others, and Kings staffs have helped me a lot with my transfer essays and keeping track of deadlines.

Which student activity do you enjoy the most?

Regarding the coming events, I think the programming contest in Dakota is interesting and this year I will join it.

What is your favorite part of living in Menasha/ Appleton?

Actually, I don't like living in quiet places like Menasha, but it is undeniable that living here I am less distracted, so it's easier for me to focus on my studies.

Is there anything you wish you'd prepared before starting school?

I wish I had maybe learned some financial managing skills because I didn't spend my money rationally in the first semester.