Accepted to my 'dream university' USC

Larry Sukarya from Indonesia completed two years in the Kings On Campus Plus program in New York, earning credits and planning out his future. After putting in some very hard work, he was accepted to five universities: Baruch College (CUNY), University of San Diego, Fordham University, University of Miami (with a scholarship) and University of Southern California, where he will enroll in the Fall. Learn more about Larry's experience studying in New York with Kings.

What are you currently studying?
I am at studying with Kings in New York and I am studying Business with a focus in Accounting & Finance.

What made you want to study abroad to pursue your degree?
I always wanted to study in America and especially in a fun city like New York, because I grew up with knowledge of American culture. Kings provided me the option to attend a college in New York, so I can achieve my academic career and have fun.

What are your plans or goals after graduation?
My plan after graduation is to find a job in America for several years and bring knowledge back to my home country. I want to establish a business with my friends from around the world that I met throughout my journey in America.

Why did you choose to study at Kings New York?
Only Kings has a transfer program to study in New York, so that was attractive to me.

What is your favorite class, why do you like it?
My favorite class would be Principles of Management. The professor gave us challenging problems that we could face in a company as a manager. We need to figure out how to solve it by writing an essay. Then, we need to present our research in front of the class. The professor and other students would give feedback and can agree or disagree with our thoughts to solve the problems.

What class do you find more challenging, and why?
The most challenging class would be also Principles of Management. It helps me think more critically and really helpful, because I want to have my own company and I want to make sure I know how to handle it. This class gave me a sneak peek on how a company would run in the real world.

In order for you to get to your dream school, how did Kings staff guide you through the process?
Every time I had a question or a problem, I always came to my Kings advisor. He helped me with everything from preparing the class schedule to university transfer applications. I recommend to always come to your advisor in your free time. He will guide you through every process there is for college admissions.

Which student activity did you enjoy the most?
I was part of a Dance Team and I perform a lot from half-time games and college parties/ homecoming. That would be one of my best memories.

What is your favorite part of living in NY?
Everything about New York is my favorite. From the food, which is the iconic New York BAGELS that I really love the most. I love the culture in NY, because you can meet people from all over the world. It is really interesting for me to learn about their cultures. New York has any kind of restaurants from every country. Other than food, I like places like SOHO, which is the best place to shop if you are into fashion, which range from vintage to luxury. They have the best city zoos in the world, which are the Bronx Zoo and Central Park Zoo. Speaking of Central Park Zoo, NYC has a huge park called Central Park in the middle of the city that you can enjoy throughout four seasons. Basically, New York has everything that you could possibly want in a city.

Is there anything you wish you'd prepared before starting school?
When I first came to NY, I did not know anything about American universities. I only know the mainstream ones like NYU, UCLA, BU, etc. even though there are thousands of universities that are as good or even better that those universities that I mentioned. Other than that, I also have no clue in how to transfer, how to write an essay, test scores, etc. Everything that I achieved came from Kings guidance and friends that I studied with in the Kings program. They helped me cope with my problems and keep 'fighting on'.

If I could go back in time, I would do my research on universities to prepare myself better, so I really have a clue in what and where I want to study. In the end, it works out because I threw all my concerns and problems to Kings and I got accepted to my dream university, which is University of Southern California. USC really fits my personality and now I know what I want to do with my academic career: #FightOn!