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A visit to Tufts University on the upgraded 'T'

28 Apr, 2023
A visit to Tufts University on the upgraded 'T'

Sometimes, developments in public transportation change the possibilities for travel. Recently, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) built new train stations, and commuters who use the MBTA (or the "T," as locals call it) can now reach parts of Somerville and Medford, MA that were previously inaccessible by train.

In one such place resides Tufts University, which ranks #32 in the U.S. News & World Report's Best Colleges. For this reason, Kings Boston's Student Experience Coordinator, Matthew Ford, decided to bring students on their first ever tour of Tufts.

Of the tens of students who attended this tour, Zih Hua Chen (Chloe) was one. Her photos support this post.

After exiting the T at the newly constructed Medford/Tufts station on the Green Line, students explored the campus. This adventure included a climb up the several floors of the Joyce Cummings Center. Clean and modern, this building offers a remarkable view of the Greater Boston area.

Later, students explored the Tufts bookstore, where much of the apparel sports the university's mascot, Jumbo. This elephant is no mere work of fiction. Jumbo was a real-life elephant in the Barnum & Bailey Circus, and tusked celebrity's remains were donated to Tufts by American showman P.T. Barnum.

Speaking of special finds, one of the great things that sets Tufts apart from its fellow Boston universities is its hilltop vantagepoint. Literally elevating this competitive school, a sprawling lawn on the campus quad wows its visitors with panoramic sights of natural beauty between redbrick buildings and classical columns. Ground and sky capture the eye here.

This view was what Kings students enjoyed as they walked to one of the several food options on campus: Carmichael Dining Center. Situated beneath undergraduate dorms, this cozy one-floor cafeteria impressed students with its buffet-style menu of everything from pancakes and ice cream to salad fixings and wantons.

If you're in Boston and looking to view a university, consider Tufts. You'll be among the first who can readily access the campus by way of the T.